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***WARNING*** Do not buy!

Bane Tech ran across a pretty cool new device accessory company recently and had the opportunity to review one of their cables. You can check out the review HERE. It’s truly awesome with all kinds of pun all over it. The cable is long, durable, and Apple certified. Awesome Cables is vamping up a new cable called the Mamba. Sounds rad! This cable is being crowd funded through KickStarter and it is something you should check out for a number of reasons.

First of all, the Mamba is 10′ in length and even thicker in girth. Another reason to check it out is because Apple cables simply suck. They wear out and fade away over time. Lastly, by ordering through the KickStarter you can get a good deal on the cable before it is released to the general public.

Product Details –

Mamba Cable is an extra-long 10ft lightning cable that is designed with the wall hugger in mind. Mamba Cable is encased in a thick braided fabric which makes the cable tangle resistant and extremely durable preventing wear and tear. The Lightning connector and USB plug feature sleek aerospace aluminum shells for added support and style. These features are a must for a premium charging cable!

Currently the project is fully funded, but has 17 days to go as the writing of this post. This is a great opportunity to get a quality cable for any device you have needing a micro USB or lightning connection.

*Special Note*

“At $15k we will unveil a glow in the dark Mamba Cable! It will feature a subtle glow that illuminates your cable for a short period so you can feel confident reaching for your device in the dark.”


Source | Awesome Cables

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