Android Wear 2015 – Huawei in HTC out


Though we now have no shortage of Android Wear smartwatches, Huawei CEO Richard Yu told Engadget in an interview at IFA 2014 in Berlin that the company is creating an Android Wear watch of its own for 2015. Huawei has already launched the TalkBand B1 fitness tracker wearable earlier this year, but Huawei wants in on the Android Wear market, which seems to be poised to take off. There’s already some stiff competition from Motorola, Samsung, Asus, LG and others and by the time Huawei gets their watch out, the will certainly be more, especially with Apple jumping into the fray with the upcoming IWatch.

The one manufacturer that Huawei won’t have to deal with, according to rumors of the past couple of days, is HTC. Pocket-lint says their source tells them that HTC has abandoned plans to launch a smartwatch. The source had no official confirmation of why the project had been stopped, but it’s thought that rising costs and a lack of ‘wow’ factor played a huge part in the decision.

Mr. Yu did say that Huawei’s smartwatch would be “innovative and beautiful” and that the device would be better than the Samsung Gear S. The Tizen powered Gear S is the only Android Wear smartwatch thus far, that can act as a stand-alone device, having its own SIM card. Might this mean that Huawei intends to have a built in SIM also? It might just be fuel to keep us talking, but we’ll have to wait and see.
But, one thing is sure, we’ll all be seeing more wearables in the coming months and ultimately, I guess that’s good for us consumers, giving more choices and options.

Sources: Engadget/Pocket-lint

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