The Android motorcycle helmet – Skully AR-1

Today Skully Systems, a San Francisco based IndieGoGo startup, announced that it’s taking pre-orders for a new motorcycle helmet to be released in May 2015. The Skully Ar-1 is an Android based, Bluetooth enabled, safety helmet with an augmented reality interface that projects on a small heads-up display just below your right eye to keep your field of vision clear. The AR-1 also comes with a rearview camera feed, allowing the rider to see what’s happening behind him or her. The Bluetooth connection lets you sync your helmet with your phone, giving the ability to make and receive calls or play music from your preferred music service. The features are controlled by built-in voice recognition software, along with the helmet’s built-in GPS. The heads-up display will also give information about the music that you’re listening to and help you navigate to where you’re headed.

The IndieGoGo campaign began this morning with a goal of $250,000. No problem there. I’m looking at the Skully web site and their current total is $764,668, basically ensuring the success of the project. Founder and CEO, Marcus Weller told CNET, “Our team watched in amazement on the big screen this morning while the numbers kept rising. We are honored to have the opportunity to serve and transform this industry we love,” he said. “We are looking forward to an exciting future for Skully.”

All this, of course, does not come cheap. The basic price for a preorder is $1399 with additional upgrades priced accordingly. $1599 if you want it shipped internationally. I’m already seeing complaints around the Net of it costing too much but, in my mind, it’s well worth it for what one is getting. As an almost daily motorcycle rider myself, I’d love to have one and would feel that I had gotten value for my money. Assuming that it works as advertised. But, I’m just a working stiff, like most, so it might be in my future, but quite a ways down the road.

I do like to see this type of technological advancement, though, and I hope the AR-1 does make the rider safer, as that’s the stated purpose of the helmet. If this is the future or riding, bring it on!! Though some of us will be bringing it later, rather than sooner.

Good luck Skully.

Source | Skullcandy

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