30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 12 – The Tech Community

Over the last few years since my life changing moment when I stood in line to get the OG Droid I have grown to appreciate the tech community. The OG Droid is the device that I took the first dive into the rooting/jailbreaking/hacking world. In order to successfully delve into hacking, one must be part of forums. Popular forums XDA is the go-to hub for anything to do with devices. From there you can gain much needed help and insight about your device of interest.

Furthermore, as I have become a reviewer I have met many wonderful people who contribute to the quality of techie life. Between the fellow reviewers, accessory companies and people who follow my content I am truly thankful for the friendships and collaborations I have been able to be part of.

The developers, reviewers and people who simply want to help others make the tech community worth being part of. Granted there are the Debbie Downers, Thumbs Downers and trolls…but their voice will never be louder than those who contribute their time, effort and energy towards helping others and creation.

Some people I’d like to highlight (in no particular order and I am sure I will leave some people out (not on purpose)):

  • Josh McCallister
  • Mashall Williams
  • Shane aka DroidModderX
  • Mat from CaseCrown
  • Michael from Elago
  • Max aka Zedo Max
  • Dave from NHtech
  • Rodger Tennant
  • Sam Pullen
  • Emil Kako
  • Front Page Tech
  • Nashant from Amzer
  • Scott from DBA Cases
  • Derek from Seidio
  • Luis Robles
  • Many MORE!

Shout out to all who have stuck around with Bane Tech from the beginning and of course those who have recently started following. You guys are a very important part of Bane Tech.

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