30 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 11 – ‘Merica

Being that today is Veteran’s Day, how could I pass up the opportunity to brag about this great nation? Even more so our veterans.

This day is actually one of my favorite days of the year. I love honoring, pausing and thanking our vets. Personally, I have a family history of military members. Working backwards from my service in the Air Force Reserves, my Dad was in the army, my brothers Carl and Pat served in the Air Force – Steve my served with the marines, I have uncles who were in the army, cousins in various branches of the military. That’s just this line of family. Historically speaking, I am a descendant of General Sherman. So yeah, if you get the picture, the military is in the blood.

I have a handful of friends who have served and are serving in the military and I have made some friends here there from the units I was part of. I’ve met some extraordinary people through my experience with the military.

I’m a patriot and I love my country. I love hearing stories of vet’s experiences, the times of sacrifice and triumph. The stories light a fire within me to be a difference makers, to go above and beyond, put others first and never give up. I am SO thankful for the one’s who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you to the one’s who have survived. Thank you to the one’s currently fighting overseas. And thank you for the one’s training, preparing and gearing up to go in the fight.

No words can express the love and gratefulness I have for the one’s who are willing to fight for my country, family and life.

Be blessed. Stay safe and come back home!

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