1byone 4000mAh iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Battery Charger Case

1byone 4000mAh iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Battery Charger Case is one of those practical accessories I like to recommend for everyone to get. The reason is because there are situations that these battery cases come in handy. Some of the ways I have used a battery case is in circumstances that I am not near a power source such as a wall charger or power bank. For example, at theme parks, events, or working outside. Other scenarios this would be helpful in are for medical staff or camping. You get the idea. Basically this battery case can keep you going without the need to be tethered to a cable.

  • Featuring sync-through technology that you can sync your iPhone to a computer without having to take the battery case off. Simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case together with the included micro USB cable.
  • 360 degrees comprehensive bumper design and hard-shell backplate, protects your iPhone from scratches and other daily tear and wear, yet small and convenient enough to fit easily in your hand or in your pocket.
  • Protective IC circuit efficiently avoids short-circuit, over-charged and malfunction even under extreme conditions.
  • The 1byone brand case has gone through extensive testing for quality assurance. It will protect all external surfaces including the screen. The raised lip on front bumper offers screen protection. This 1byone Slim Battery Case will keep your iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus charged and protected on the go.
  • We stand behind our case 100% therefore we are willing to offer lifetime guarantee. If you have any problems with our case we will replace it no questions asked. We only want happy customers! Purchase 1byone brand now and rest satisfied that a great product is on its way! You’ll be thankful that you made such a great purchase!

Other notable things to mention about this case is that it fully protects the phone. Some battery cases leave the edges exposed. The battery case does add some bulk but its really not that bad. I have seen much bulkier battery cases. The buttons are clickable, which is a huge deal to me. If the buttons are hard to press I will not use the case. You can charge the iPhone and battery case at the same time along with data transfers.

Tip: Let the iPhone discharge down to about 10-15% before activating the battery case. Let the battery case charge the iPhone all the way up and then let the iPhone drain back down. 

This is a worthy battery case to look at if you are interested in purchasing something to keep your iPhone charging without the need of plugging up to a charger.

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