Zamplebox unboxing and taste tests! July’s box

Zamplebox is a e-liquid subscription box that arrives to your doorstep every month packed with flavors customized to your liking. There’s a few tiers to choose from and regardless of the size you get you’re gonna save a lot of cash. Typically a bottle of juice will cost about $8,10,12+, but with Zamplebox you’re paying about 4 bucks per bottle. That’s a great deal!

Vaping is a recent thing I’ve picked up. In the past, I’ve occasionally/socially smoked cigars or pipes. I’ve never been a cigarette smoker and I intend to keep it that way. Vaping has allowed me to keep the goal of being a non-cigarette smoker and actually pleases me just as much as a pipe smoke. By talking with other vapers, I’ve heard many stories of those who were avid cigarette smokers and chose to take up vaping instead. Because of their choice to kick the butts, they’ve been smoke free for quite some time.

I’m all about companies who are trying to make a difference and especially those who take a unorthodox approach, such as Zamplebox. Zamplebox has created a culture around them and it’s one that believes in helping others stop smoking. Best of all, they are not ripping you off when trying to help you. As mentioned above you can save a lot of money by using Zamplebox. It’s a win, win when ordering from Zamplebox.


Going through the ordering experience is pretty cool. Upon getting your order made, you’re adding and blocking flavors for your box. WHICH IS AWESOME! It would be awful to get a bunch of flavors you detest and feel as though you wasted your money. Better yet, let’s say you got your box and there was a bottle or two you’d prefer not to have the next go-around. Well, what you can do is rate the bottles and Zamplebox will take note to further customize your preferred flavors. Next month you’ll be closer to your perfect combinations! As a matter of fact, you can add flavors/bottles to your wish list.

Personally, I like the candy, liquor, and coffee flavors. I don’t mind some fruit flavors here and there as well. So that’s what I went with for the first box. I’ve got the Gold Box, which sends 6 bottles per box. Long story short, I was overall very happy with the bottles that were sent to me. Let’s break it down a little in the next section.

Taste Test

Oh Latte – This was one I was most interested in, because coffee seems like it would be a nice smooth tasty vape. However, I was most disappointed in this bottle. There’s just a touch of flavor and was a bit bland. I would not buy this bottle again unless they amp up the flavor. 2/5 Rages.

Pink Drink – This one I am most surprised about. At first I was not too too impressed, but the more I vaped it, the more I like it. As a matter of fact it has rose up into my top 3 bottles this month. It’s got this candy, watermelon, Jolly Rancher taste. The vape goes in smooth, but crisp and can pack a throat punch depending on the rig you’re using. It’s great! 5/5 Rages!

Beso Dulce – This guy might be my number one pick from this batch! It’s smooth, creamy, and has an awesome chocolate malt milkshake taste. It vapes very smooth and is easy on the throat. 5/5 Rages!

Tango Ice – This bottle was well done for what it is, but it’s not for me. I’m not much of a fan of peach, mango type of flavors. But if that’s your thing, go for it. You won’t be disappointed. The vape packs a little punch on the throat, but is a satisfying experience. For what it is, it gets 5/5 Rages. Personal preference, 2/5 Rages.

Frosty – Now this one is cool! It’s like a suicide soda flavor and mimics how soda feels on the throat. Very cool bottle! 5/5 Rages.

Indulgence – This one is tough to choose if I like it the most, giving it the #1 spot. With that said it is definitely in the top 3. It’s got a Starburst candy flavor, has a decent throat punch, and somewhat smooth. 5/5 Rages


Social Media


I vape because…

  • It’s cleaner
  • Refreshing
  • Awesome flavors
  • Much less nicotine
  • Cool tech!
  • Keeps me cigarette smoke free
  • Smoking cigars/pipes less
  • I can vape indoors without worry of stinking up the building

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to vape vs smoke. You might share some of the same reasons, along with some different ones. Regardless of your reasons make sure to post #WhyIVape on Twitter or your favorite social media site to encourage people to stop smoking.

It’s Science!

The science behind vaping is mind-bottling (let me know if you get that reference)! Seriously, there are those who could be electrical engineers due to the elements involved with mods/rigs. Being that I am still rather new to all this, I am amazed at what all is involved with vaping. It’s rather fascinating.

That said, the two rigs/mods I am using are Ego One MEGA and Wismec RX75 Starter Kit. During the taste testing my buddy was boasting some higher end kits that dive deeper in to the vastness of vaping.

What rig/mod/kit are you using? Any recommendations?

Final Thoughts

Long story short, Zamplebox is probably the way to go to discover new flavors, find out what you like the most, save money, and be part of a culture with those who vape. I completely love the customized experience and the HUGE amount of choices. I can’t wait to get my next box!


As if the price wasn’t already low? You can save 10%  by using the code ‘BANETECH‘ at checkout using this link below.

Join the ZampleBox E-Juice Membership Club for Vapers to receive the best e-liquid at the best price every month.

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