Z-W88 Cost-effective MP3 Player Stereo Sports Bluetooth Headset Headphone

Three words that stand out in that title; Cost-effective, sports & bluetooth. All things that I really want for a curricular activity. This set is made to resist moisture such as sweat and rain. It is not a bad option to look into if you are in the market for a bluetooth headset.

The fit was actually one my main concerns. In the past I tried the Motorola set that looks like this set and it was terribly uncomfortable. At the time I was working for a lawn care/ landscaping company as a Crew Leader and needed to be able to answer the phone at any given moment to speak with supervisors and the owner of the company. Before I ventured into the wireless headsets, I well, obviously was using wired sets and ended up tearing up too many to keep up with. Long story short I got tired of paying for new headsets because the number one issue was the wire getting in the way.


When I got a bluetooth headset it was like salvation. I was free! There were no more wires to get in the way, it was easy to wear and I got to listen to music all day long. This is where this headset can come in handy.

Life has changed a bit and I am no longer working for that company, but I do like to go jogging and again the wire was annoying at times. I love not having to worry about a wire. I look forward to using this set for future runs.

If you like the headset get it HERE

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