Xposed Framework for Android 5.0 Lollipop is now available

Today was a good day for those who have been waiting for Xposed Framework compatibility with Android 5.0 Lollipop because it is now officially released. Developer rovo89 has published the update to XDA Forums giving users the ability to rock Xposed Framework on their device(s) of choice.

Getting Xposed Framework has been a concern for users who have or will use the Lollipop update. Part of the reason Xposed Framework has not worked with Lollipop is because this OS update now functions with ART (Android Run Time) versus Dalvik, to which was how Xposed was formed. rovo89 has been working on this for a little while now, but rest assured if you want to get going on installing Xposed Framework you can do so.

Some users are reporting success while others are claiming not so much. If you head on over to the Xposed Framework Google+ Community you can see the comments about people’s experiences for yourself.

While some are rejoicing about the news, others do not share the same excitement, and rightfully so. Xposed Framework when not used correctly can be a huge pain for ROM developers and themers. Correction, Xposed Framework is not the problem; it’s the ignorant Xposed Framework users. Let me explain just a little bit. We can use the analogy “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” What happens is that some users of Xposed Framework like to also install ROMs or themes. Most of the time when this happens, things break, and guess who gets the blame? You guessed it…the developers even though many of them bluntly state they can only support what they create. Need I say more? I hope you can grasp the idea that if you are going to use Xposed Framework, you are responsible for your own actions.

Now with that little rant over I can go into what I am looking forward to with having Xposed Framework Lollipop support. I am a Verizon subscriber, they usually have devices with locked bootloaders, and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to gain root access on the same devices. For example, many Samsung phones are locked up and are not rooted just yet. Though there are some devices that we can at least root. For the devices that we can root, but cannot unlock the bootloader, Xposed Framework comes to the rescue.

Xpsosed Framework allows the user to install many modifications and tweaks that are included in ROMs. Some Xposed Framework mods even let you change up the colors of the UI! Essentially you can create your own custom ROM by adding Xposed Framework apps, mods, and tweaks. Back when I was rocking my Note 3 I had many of my favorite features running and changed the colors to get rid of the ugly TouchWiz Note 3 UI. Something that I liked to install every time was the power button options that let you either power off, reboot, reboot to recovery, or fastboot. There really are a lot of cool stuff you can add to your device!

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Source | XDA

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