Wrappz.com MacBook (13″ 2009 Mid) Skin Review

It has been a long time coming for me to get a skin for my MacBook, but I was finally able to obtain a skin for my computer and it’s from Wrappz.com. This is one of those skins companies that offer quite a few products to customize and protect your devices. They have pre-loaded graphics or you can upload your own images. I chose to upload my own design with my business card graphic.

This package came over from across the Big Pond, our friends from the UK. The packaging was a big tube. The reason I bring this up is because I wanted to give you a heads up for reception and your skin will be curled up (if all their large packages are shipping like mine was). As a customer I don’t think it’s a big deal. However, for me it is hard to show the skin for video review purposes. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

The curled up skin also presents an obstacle for installation. Fiddling, trying to flatten the skin while attempting to install the skin makes is a little frustrating for making a perfect install the first time. I recommend taking the whole skin off and do your best to line it up. Normally, I like to only take a skin half off the paper to avoid touching the sticker and it helps align everything up prior to installing the whole skin on the device.

I ended up taking the skin off a couple times because I was not able to line it perfectly the first time. Granted it is difficult to install while recording a video review. So I paused the video to get it all straight. With that said, I am pleased that I was able to remove the skin a couple times and place it back down without it losing adhesiveness. But once I got it all worked out, the skin looks good on my Mac.

Upon completion of the installation, I was happy to see there were no air bubbles or corners/edges pealing off because of my multiple attempts to install the skin.

For practical reasons I chose to use my business card design because I think of it as a great advertising tool. Imagine sitting in a coffee shop with the Mac propped up facing all the customers in the shop.

As far as how the image turned out, I would like the detail to be a bit more crisp. While I say that, I have to wonder of my uploaded image was a right fit. According to the website the resolution was acceptable and it is a high resolution image. I did not enlarge the image at all, leaving me with a question mark whether or not uploaded an image like I did is worth a go? At a glance you cannot tell the graphics are not crisp but if you take a closer look you can tell some lines are not as smooth as desired. The QR code scans fine and that was one of my main concerns.

Overall, I like having the skin on the Mac and wish I would have done it sooner. Over time I have acquired a few scratches just from average use. I could have avoided those blemishes if I would have anchored down and make the investment.

Here is the good part! I have a FREE code for you! Head over to the YouTube video review and in the description is the code! Just pay shipping.

Get the skins over at Wrappz.com. There are skins, cases and more all kinds of devices. Don’t forget to use the code for a free skin!

Get the MacBook Skins HERE

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