Worth Rooting the Galaxy SIII?

Rooting devices has become a popular task among the smartphone/tablet community. I have rooted or jailbroken every device that I have owned. From the beginning with the OG Motorola Droid all the way to my current device the Samsung Galaxy SIII (Verizon). There is moderate support for the GS3 and a few ROMS out there to play with. But are they worth the trouble and potential risk to root your device? Specially the GS3.

My answer at the moment is…wait for it…NO. I acknowledge there are great DEVS working countless hours on tweaking some quality ROMS, there are people that are more than happy with their rooted GS3 and ones that enjoy flashing a new ROM at each update. But I have discovered that some of the processes are too sketchy at the moment. From the prior devices that I have rooted, there was always for the most part a set in stone way of installing MODS. For the GS3 there are too many options and you have to piece all the correct parts together. I also acknowledge that I do have to do my part and know what I am doing. I admit I am not the most knowledge worthy user, but I do have plenty of experience when messing around with ROMS and MODS. My one request is that the creators please make a installation procedure list of the exact way to install the ROMS/MODS. I would also like to add that this post is by in no means a blast or complaint to the ones who make the rooting even possible. I take more “blame” upon myself.

Secondly, the official Jelly Bean OS update will be hitting the Samsung Galaxy SIII this month (lastest rumor mill news). Ice Cream Sandwich is an amazing update as is, but Jelly Bean will be the icing on the cake. This device with Jelly Bean is going to be AWESOME. The root community has had a taste of things to come. But for my needs, I will remain stock and wait for the official update. Usually the DEVS hammer out a root once the official update is released, but again I will remain stock and should get the update before the root community gets the update.

Some of the advantages of having a rooted device is that you have the ability to change just about anything on the phone. For example, the WiFi notification can be removed along with any other annoying features the phone has that you would like to delete. I enjoyed being able to customize my device as I see fit. In the past modding the device to enhance the performance was a major reason of why I would root. But with the GS3, the performance is already top notch. No complaints in that department whatsoever.

There are many options and ways to customize the GS3 without root. In my opinion the performance does not need too much adjusting for the time being. The one big performance adjustment of a rooted GS3 was the Sony Bravio Engine which helped the cameras performance. Other than that, I am good to go. To give my GS3 a nice customization all I need to do is basically throw on launcher like APEX or HOLO and add the HOLO Lockscreen and I have a speedy, shall I say “sexy” Samsung Galaxy SIII.

What has your rooted GS3 experience been like? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages that you have picked up on? Sound off.

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