Worth Rooting the Galaxy S III? (Follow up)

Back in August Bane Tech. talked about whether or not it is worth rooting the Samsung Galaxy SIII or not. At the time the answer was a no. There has been a lot of new development and support since that time and the answer to my question “Is the Galaxy S III worth rooting?” is now a YES.

Here’s Why:

  • This week Verizon pushed out new update. The update took away the Universal Search feature. The Universal Search feature is the ability to search all the contents of the device. With the new update, web search is the only kind of search the phone can do now. Verizon seemed to sneak the update in over night while everyone was sleeping and the option to reject the update was not available. Even rooted devices were forced to take the update. Some good came from the update however. The update fixed some phones that had some annoying bugs and came with a new radio.
  • If Verizon or Samsung can push the updates out like this weeks update, there is no telling what could come in the next update. With all the law suites going on, who really knows what features will be taken away?
  • Samsung has created a great phone, spec wise. But the branding and user interface in my opinion needs tweaking. For example I am not a fan of the look of the messaging app. I realize there are other messaging apps to choose from in the app store, but I hate double work and downloading a second to have two apps on the device that do the same work.
  • The bloatware is not overwhelming like on Motorola. But the bloatware that is present is annoying at times. For example, the WiFi popups and other notifications always present in the top bar.
  • Jelly Bean should have been rolled out to the phone by now, but only promised “soon.” Its hard to trust what soon means especially since the Galaxy Nexus (VZW) has not received the official update and the Nexus is SUPPOSED to get the updates directly from Google. So no holding my breath on when the Jelly Bean update rolls out to the GS3.

Once Rooted:

  • There are plenty of ROMS and tweaks to choose from and the rooting has become easier without the need of using ODIN (the traditional method of rooting a Samsung Device).
  • Once click unlock bootloader app with EZ-Unlock. Once unlocked there are more options of ROMS to choose from. The unlocked bootloader makes it ten times easier for the devs to work there magic.
  • Jelly Bean is available in a few ROMs.
  • Google Now and Google Wallet are available.
  • WiFi Tethering.
  • …There are many more features available to a rooted/unlocked device. Everyday grows the number of features added.

What ROM is Bane Tech. Using?

After reviewing, researching and digging to find what ROM to use for my GS3, I came down to three.

  1. [Rom] Bean’s Custom Stock Rom Build 11 (9/6) (50gb dropbox, Aroma Installer, Many Options, Themed) LINK. I used his ROM when I rooted before. He has been hard at work and has developed a great ICS based ROM.
  2. MIUI v4.1 JB 2.9.7 For Samsung Galaxy S-III LINK. Beans has his hand in this ROM too. I had MUIU on my Droid and Droid X backin the day and loved the ROM then and may try this one out once it reaches BETA level.
  3. My ROM of choice is…[OFFICIAL] AOKP | d2vzw | jb-build-2 LINK. This ROM is on Jelly Bean and it rocks. Feels like pure Android and no company branding at all.

Things To Consider When Rooting:

  • Do your research and be prepared. Read all material. Read what users are reporting and talking about. Have all files downloaded.
  • FOLLOW the steps to the T. Make sure not skip or overlook any step.
  • Watch YouTube videos for a visual guide.
  • The Devs are in no way responsible (or myself) for anything that might go wrong with the device.
  • Rooting does void your warrantee. That being said. KNOW how to go back to a non-rooted stock device.
  • Use the forums to your advantage. There are users and Devs more than willing to help with any questions you may have.

Sources Used:

  • [OFFICIAL] AOKP | d2vzw | jb-build-2 LINK.
  • AOKP Site.
  • The Best Guide IMO for rooting/unlocking and tweaking. [GUIDE] For beginners – Root Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-i535/d2vzw

Bane Tech. exists to assist “The Everyday User Experience.” That being said the rooting process does take some time to learn, but has become user friendly. If you have any questions about anything that has been talked about please send a message or use the comments section. Be sure to check out the AOKP YouTube video for a hands on look of the ROM.

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