Where is the Honor?

Ten – Where is the honor?

This is the second installment of the sermon series “Ten” by Church at the Crossing. Pastor John Dowdey presents this message.

Exodus 20:12
Commandment 5

Commandments 1-4 deal with God and us. The rest deal with others. First place of Honor was given to parents.

Close your eyes and picture you mother. Now hear. Honor you mother.
Close your eyes and picture to your father. Now hear. Honor your father.

Contempt means to discredits. Lowers value. When we now hear o priest we today are considered priest as a Christian.
Where have I shown contempt?

Malachi 2:1-2
Set your heart. Not about obligation. Do things because it’s out of the love of your heart.
There is obedience that means to do something whether or not I want to.
Then there is submitting which means to set your heart to it. Take the delight in my heart. When you hear submit replace it with set my heart or delight of your heart. Set your hearts to delight in my name.
Not behavior modification. We need spiritual transformation.

Honor – value, worth, weight.
Dishonor – take lightly. Removing the weight.

The people we are instructed to go after we take lightly. God has put weight to the widow, poor, the needy.

How do we treat the wealthy, sports stars, etc? How would we prepare to meet the governor, LeBron James?

People of honor see the person. When we dishonor people we dishonor the Maker.

Don’t write people off no matter how misbehaved, cruel, rude, or down.

When you show up late, you dishonor.

Where is the Honor?
Mark 6:1-5
People looked at Jesus from what his parents were. Oh he’s just a carpenters son. That’s just Josephs son.
The son of God was limited by the recipients. When you honor Jesus you honor him and not what he is about to do.
Mark 5 Jesus healed people. Jarious fell at his feet. The attitude of the recipient was different.

Familiarity causes dishonor.
Jesus was the hometown boy.

When you want to change the atmosphere in your home, show honor. Show delight in serving. Bring back yes sir no sir not because it’s a southern thing but because it’s Christian.

Show God Honor in his house. This isn’t just a another sermon or worship set.

Offenses cause dishonor. When you hold things against people, you can’t Honor.

Quick to post junk about someone on Facebook?

With Honor…
Honoring begins with God’s claim on them. Has nothing what you think someone deserves. God sees everyone as who he created us. Not as a loser.

His claim is that they are still his.

Ephesians 6:2-3
View Him and not them. View people from His perspective

Honor benefits me too.

Honor the person speaking the message of God no matter who is speaking. It is from God.

The level of Honor you give will set how much you receive.

Honoring is decided not deserved. Set your heart to honor. What we honor is what we speak of. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak.

If you have Honor it will come out. If you are irritated, it will come out.
1 Peter 2:13-17
Doing good will silence ignorant talk.
We live in a time where criticism is cool. Stop slamming people.

Serve out of delight. Not duty.

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