Galaxy S10

What I am looking forward to with the Galaxy S10

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is just around the corner and will begin the new season of smartphones. Samsung usually sets the bar for the year with the S line of phones. This year Samsung is releasing three phones, the S10e, S10, and S10+. Personally, I am looking forward most to the S10+. The S10+ will pack all the bells and whistles with a large display. Each year we all ask ourselves is this going to be a worthy upgrade from the previous model and as I type this out I am hoping to answer that question for myself.

As a matter of fact, there is one sole reason why I am considering upgrading to the S10+, but I’m gonna hold off on saying what that reason is until another post or video. I don’t think anyone will have the same reason. Can you take a guess?

I’ve been using the Pixel 3 XL as my Android device since it was released and have loved using it. I actually bounce between it and the iPhone Xs Max about every two weeks. There are qualities that I appreciate about both phones. What I am hoping the S10+ does for me to start with is give me the quality factor that I love about the iPhone Xs Max. Not saying the Pixel 3 XL is bad, but the build quality is not up to par compared to the iPhone or Samsung phones.

Galaxy S10

Build Quality

This is nothing new really, but the build quality is something to always look forward to with Samsung flagships. They’re solid, well-built devices.


There are a few things about the screen this time around that I am looking forward to with the S10+.

  • The large display
  • No notch
  • Easy on the eyes

I like big phones and Samsung’s lovely screen to look at. Samsung, in my opinion, has the best screens each and every year. Samsung also has not bought into the notch trend. In the last few years, they have done a great job at keeping the bezels to a minimum and giving a good amount of screen real estate. They are pushing the screen to an edgeless display by adding what has been called a hole punch display. While I wish they would have just kept doing what they were doing, I am thankful there’s no notch. I would much rather have a hole punch display than a notch. I hate notches. Even after using the iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max, and Pixel 3 XL since they have been released, I still have not gotten used to them.

In-display Fingerprint Reader

This is kinda gimmicky at this point, but I am curious if Samsung can nail this feature. OnePlus attempted to add it to the 6T, but from what I can tell it’s a hit and miss thing. When using Samsung phones I tend to use the face and iris reader features more than the other unlocking methods.


Samsung has done a great job at keeping features that people want, such as a headphone jack, no notch, and external storage. Samsung also starts its internal storage options at a generous amount. The Note9 started at 128GBs, which is AWESOME! You don’t really need to have an sd card. The Pixel 3 XL and iPhone Xs start at 64GBs, which is just enough to get by. BUT Samsung gives us a nice amount of internal storage AND sd card support.


Last but not least, the camera. I want Samsung to take the #1 spot again in the camera department. Don’t get me wrong, Samsung has a great camera, but the Pixel 3 XL camera software is just fantastic. The Pixel 3 XL, in my opinion, has the best photos compared to any phone. The iPhone Xs Max takes the best video. Just under those guys, Samsung is right next to them. Might sound silly, but I tend to judge the camera by the portrait mode. Pixel is best, the iPhone, then Sammy. Samsung for a while (before the Pixel) used to have the best camera. I’m ready for a comeback. All they need to do is get rid of the cartoony results and they would kick butt. Give me rich, crisp results!

Who’s ready for the new S10 lineup? I am.

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