Watch “Seidio Vitreo Follow Up – Galaxy Note 2” on YouTube

Many people were asking how the Seidio Vitreo shatterproof tempered glass screen protector has held up on the Note 2 that was reviewed over a month ago from the date of this post. Another question has been if the S Pen works with the screen protector.

So with an off the cuff meet up with the Note 2 owner and shot a quick video to try to put these questions to rest.

In addition to the two questions being answered, the owner dropped the Note 2 with the Vitreo installed and the screen protector saved the phone’s screen. There is one hairline crack in the Vitreo. Bright side is the phone’s screen is saved and does not require a hundred dollar fix. The Vitreo for that fact is a good investment versus the repercussions of not having the Vitreo installed. Other perks is the Vitreo is STILL usable. You have to tilt the device at the right angle to see the crack. I think the Vitreo served it’s purpose.

Now take a gander at the video for proof whether or not the Vitreo has held up and if the S Pen works well. The verdict is in your hands. What say you?

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