[Video] Unves Stainless Steel Peeler – Juliennes – Slicer

Often times we overlook some of the simple things in life that make tasks such as preparing a meal easier. Unves makes a great product that helps get the job done efficiently and gives an option to add a bit of creativity as well. Their version of a peeler is quite nice. I had the chance to get one and give it a test drive and I was pleased with the results.

Not only does this peeler, peel; it also adds an option as a thin slicer aka as the Juliennes blade. This blade slices in a thin strips. What’s so special about that you say? The reason this is nice to have is because your fruits and veggie trays can be transformed from a typical slice into a decorative dish. Like I said it’s the small things we overlook. It takes the same amount of effort to use that blade so why not make it look a little different.

If you need just a normal peeler you can simply use the standard blade. In the video demonstration I used a cucumber and it worked flawlessly. I can see myself using this blade often to make snack for my kids or sides for lunches. Not a bad product at all and you can grab it on Amazon for around $6. I know this sounds like a commercial but I have nothing negative to say about it. It feels high quality, it’s stainless steel, heavy duty and worked just fine.

Get the Unves Peeler Here

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