[Video] HTC One M9 video before MWC15

The HTC One M9 has somehow made it in the hands of YouTube user samia lou who posted a short video on the new flagship prior to the official announcement at MWC15. In the video samia has the M7 and M8 to compare to and this footage definitely shows a glimpse of HTC’s new phone.

Some of the major changes we can see just from viewing the video is that there is no duo camera on the back. Instead according to samia is a 20mp camera. On the righthand side of the M9 has the volume and power buttons along with the SIM or SD card tray. The power button seems to have a textured design similar to what Motorola has done with their power buttons.

As far as the rest of the design, it looks like a squarer shape and still resembles the M7 and M8 form factor. The M9 honestly looks pretty nice to me and I don’t mind the minor design tweaks. The camera and screen size is what turned me off with from the M8. Seems like HTC has at least made an attempt to changes up some things to improve the phone. Let’s hope the changes are worth while, as I am more interested in this phone the Galaxy S6 (not saying the S6 is not a good or great device).

Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on a M9 and give you my honest opinion and review about the new flagship soon. With that said, are you disappointed with what we know so far about the M9 or are you looking forward to the release? Sound off in the comments!

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