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Verizon threatening to raise unlimited data plans prices (updated)

This was not the news I wanted to hear first things this morning about Verizon raising the price on unlimited data plan users! According to The Verge Verizon is planning to raise the price beginning in November.

The price is rumored to hike up another 20 bucks per line. Unlimited data users who have been grandfathered in have been paying $29.99 for their plans, but not it’s looking like if you want to keep the plan it will cost $49.99. The one and only benefit of this change will be that customers in this category will be able to purchase phones with the payment plans. Ever since being off contract we unlimited data users have had to pay for our devices straight out.

So I guess you have to decide what’s more important to you. Is keeping unlimited data worth paying the extra $20? Would you rather use the payment plans to buy phones?

To be completely open with you, this absolutely pisses me off! If this rumor is true I will be done with Verizon! According to The Verge, Verizon reports that customers like myself are less than 1% off their customer base. With them making this decision it tells me a few things.

  • They could care less about even just a small percentage of their customers.
  • They are not loyal to their customers.
  • They are THAT greedy.

Supposedly, us unlimited data user hog and clog up the network. How is that true if it’s less than 1% off the customer base? Can we really be effecting the network that bad?


This other part that irks me the most about is that in my area Verizon is the best option for coverage. It’s been great having unlimited data in a well coverage area. Personally, I don’t go crazy with my data. I use approximately 20GB of data a month. The network is better than my WiFi at home and I can’t access my work network, so I leave my data on most of the time.

Verizon changing the plans on us unlimited data users is like them flipping us off. It’s not right. If this rumor is true I’ll be ditching them when the time comes. Until then…anyone want to see how much data we can fly through until the change happens?



Verizon’s response:

As data use continues to grow, we continuously evaluate the price of our plans and service. This change will allow Verizon to continue to maintain the highest network performance for all our customers, while still providing great value for access to the nation’s reliable wireless service. That value is underpinned by our $100 billion+ network investment since 2000, which powers the reliability of a Verizon customer’s experience.

Update cred goes to Droid Life (because I would much rather give credit to Droid Life than Verge…)

It’s still BS to me. There is no way that less than 1% is effecting the network to make such changes.

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