Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Test

One of the biggest questions people ask about a new phone is “What is the battery life like?”

Today I made a point not to connect the phone to a charger when it reached about 30% or so. I have my reasons of why I do so. Today’s test consisted of checking social networks, emails, looking up my viewer stats, YouTube videos, browsing the web, phone calls, music, texts and a couple games like Words With Friends. There are other tasks done throughout the day. Needless to say my phone stays busy all day long. I would be what you can consider a heavy user.

So if you have any concerns about getting a good days worth of use out of the Samsung Galaxy S3, you no longer have to question whether or not your SG3 will make it or die on you when you need it the most.

Something else that I want to point out is that I only connected too WiFi a little bit and remained on the 4G LTE network. I am also typing out this post on the GS3 AND still have 10% left on the phone.

I’m impressed.

Check my screenshot of the battery stats.


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