Why Verizon is still king of the carriers

Verizon is king of the carriers for many reasons. There’s been a few recent developments that back up this statement. Whether you like it or not, Verizon continues to reign as champ in the wireless industry. There’s a reason why they are nicknamed Big Red. They win, big.

Verizon Dominates Rootmetrics

For the 7th time in a row, Verizon has the top performance according to Rootmetrics.

Verizon sweeps all performance awards in consecutive national reports, an industry first; unbeaten in overall performance in 48 states and 93% of 125 metro markets

This is a big deal, especially when there’s other carriers always claiming to have the best performing and expansive network. The results from Rootmetrics proves why Verizon is the best network in regards to performance.


Coverage is important. What’s the point of having the fastest network, but only in major cities. Verizon provides solid speeds even in rural regions.

Based on our testing, Verizon is the undisputed leader in terms of coverage and network reliability. Indeed, Verizon’s network reliability results were the strongest among all carriers at the metro, state, and national levels in the second half of 2016.

Other Carriers Playing Catch-up

Who’s the network everyone compares and competes against? You guessed it, Verizon. If you listen to commercials you’ll hear over and over again about how they stack up against Verizon. Even the old Can You Hear Me Now Guy says Sprint is within such and such percent away from Verizon.

T-Mobile is always aiming their fiery darts at Verizon. Everything they do is to compete against Verizon. They snubbed their noses at Verizon about being the network who provides so-called unlimited data. Then BOOM! Verizon dropped the bomb bringing back unlimited data and causes EVERYONE to scurry and make changes.

It seems like no matter what other carriers do, it’s always to try to outdo Verizon and time after time they fail. Verizon is still king of the carriers.

There’s an old Honda commercial that sums up this topic. The message was, if all the features are like a Honda, why not just get a Honda? Instead of being with a company that is trying it’s hardest to be like the best, why not just sign up with the best?

Where Verizon Can Improve

Verizon might be king, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. There’s one thing they can do to be closer to being the perfect carrier. Allow all phones to be on the network. There are SO many great phones out there that cannot be added to the CDMA network because the device is GSM.

For example, Huawei makes a ton of fantastic phones, but only one of their models can be used on Verizon and that’s the Nexus 6P. Only reason the Nexus 6P has Verizon support is because it was Google’s baby for a year until the Google Pixel came along.

Another great phone that would be awesome to use one Verizon would be the OnePlus 3t.

With that said though, phone companies need to make phones that support CDMA networks. Both Verizon and more smartphones manufacturers need to work together to allow customers to use the phone they want to use on the best network. If I could use the Honor 8 on Verizon, I would probably be using it right now.

Even though not all phones are available to use with Verizon, there’s still all the top flagships such as what Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola offer.

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