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Why I unsubscribed to Loot Crate – What I subscribe to now

Loot Crate is one of the most popular geek, nerd, gamer subscription boxes there is, let alone out of all subscription boxes. So much so, it was the only thing I asked for, for Christmas last year. From watching all the unboxings from some of my favorite YouTubers like wwjoshdew and Jordan Keys, I was envious to finally get in on the fun. Well, not even a few boxes in, I was regretting signing up. They just didn’t add up to the hype from what I saw prior to subscribing. Here’s why I unsubscribed from Loot Crate.

Main Reason

Half the stuff that came in the boxes were not interesting to me at all. As a matter of fact most, not half of the items were either meh or fail. The price just didn’t add up to the value in the boxes. The best box was the Versus theme and I was pretty happy with the Punisher vs Daredevil beanie hat. But even then, that item came AFTER winter. Months would have to go by to be able to use the hat.

Biggest Gripe with Loot Crate

The shirts…if anything, I was most excited about getting a nerdy, geeky, techie shirt every month. Not one of the shirts was a good fit. Well, the Loot Crate official shirt that was sent because I ordered a year’s worth of boxes fit well. The Deadpool shirt was fit okay too. But the other shirts either were too small, even though I ordered big (XXL) or they were printed incorrectly. For example, my Spock shirt the print is crooked. It fits well, but my OCD trips out when the picture is uneven.

Loot Crate


This kinda goes back to the first point. A lot of the stuff that came in the box was just meh or fail. Reason being is because of the fluff. What’s fluff? Basically filler items to help you feel as though you got your monies worth. I’d much rather them not include the fluff and add the value to something else. Like find shirt companies that make quality shirts or drop the price of the box in general.

What Do I Subscribe To Now?

Since my subscription was canceled 5 boxes in, I used the refunded money to try out other companies. I wanted to find out what the best boxes are and the ones that fit me the most. That said, Loot Crate might tickle your fancy more than I. That’s all good, but Loot Crate just isn’t for me. Even the other types of boxes they offer would give me the same experience as their main box. So I had to look elsewhere.

Boxes I have tried out since then include…

  • Marvel’s Collector Corps
  • DC’s Legion of Collectors
  • Comic Block
  • 1Up Box
  • BAM! Box

If you want you can check out my entire Subscription Box playlist over on my YouTube channel.

Be on the look out for a new post talking about what I think the best boxes are to subscribe to.

What’s your thoughts on Loot Crate and other subscription boxes? Sound off in the comments below. Long story short, not every box is for everyone. You’ve got to find the one that fits you the best and rock it out. Personally, I am happiest with 1Up Box and Comic Block. BAM! Box is really cool too! Check out the links and discount codes below. The best deal definitely goes to 1Up Box.

Purchase Links & Discounts

Loot Crate – Link (Save $3 off with code SAVE3)

Marvel’s Collectors Corps – Link

DC’s Legion of Collectors – Link

Comic Block – Link (Save 20% with code EARLYBIRD20)

1Up Box – Link
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BAM! Box – Link

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