TYLT 2800mAh ENERGI Sliding Battery Power Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

TYLT is one of the best mobile device manufactures for your favorite phones and tablets. Recently TYLT announced a couple new products introducing the new TYLT ENERGI 2K Smart Travel Charger along with what we are gonna take a look at in this review, the 2800mAh ENERGI Sliding Battery Power Case for the Galaxy S5.

This is a sweet product for a lot of reasons. TYLT is one of my favorite device accessory manufacturers available today. Their style and quality is top notch. One of my favorite cases for the S4 was the RUGGD  case. Honestly, my favorite charger, car mount and case comes from them. Therefore, I was definitely excited to try out the sliding battery case for the S5.

The hottest feature about this product is the fact the battery is completely optional with this setup. The case alone is nice and worthy to be called a daily driver case. But the awesome fact is that if you need a charge and you’re not around an outlet wall or car charger, there is the battery portion that you can simply slide on and never miss a beat. When the battery is installed the complete package is all too too bulky, but definitely adds some girth to the mix. I can really see this case being useful for situations for travel, outdoor activities and any circumstance you simply can’t be around a wall/car charger. Personally, I do not like the bulk of an extended battery case. I love thin and sleek designs while being durable. TYLT makes a happy medium. Their cases are thin for a rugged style case, pocketable and look great too. The case with this battery combo is great as is, but if you need to add the battery, you’re not going to suffer through an ugly oversized case for the S5.

There really isn’t much to complain about with this new battery case combo. At first I was wondering how the USB cover was going to work with installment, but my concerns were eased once I found there is a slot to hold the cover back and out of the way. The case feels great, I love the concept and is a practical accessory to accommodate the S5.

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