The top 5 web design trends coming in 2018

The top 5 web design trends coming in 2018

Web design has come a long way, from simple, informative websites to complex websites that integrate different technologies like automated payments to bot chats. As time goes by, web design is only going to get better. In fact, 2018 could revolutionize web design thanks to advances in artificial intelligence and cloud technologies. Let’s now look at some of the web design trends that are coming in 2018.

The top 5 web design trends coming in 2018

1. Cleaner layouts

For the last one year or so, the best web developers have been working on simple looking websites that are more optimized for mobile devices.  As the number of smartphone users grows, it follows that developers will look to make websites as simple as possible, for an even better user experience. Some of the best developers like G Squared web design are already setting the pace for cleaner layout websites. They are doing this through augmented reality technologies that eliminate the need for unnecessary graphics.

2. Web Interfaces will have internet of things interfaces

You have probably heard of internet-of-things technologies for some time now. Well, 2018 could be the year when web developers fully integrate these technologies into website interfaces. As more devices go smart, it is expected that web developers will take advantage of these technologies and come up with web interfaces that allow consumers to interact better with their devices.

3. Better animations

One of the areas in which web design has advanced quite well is in the integration of animations into web sites. In the past, animations were more of a distraction to a web user. This situation has changed and it will only get better in 2018. In fact, in 2018, chances are that animations on a website will be integrated through scrolling, and fade away once they have accomplished their role. Unlike in the past, animations will be a welcome feature in websites and make the user experience even better.

The top 5 web design trends coming in 2018

4. Chatbots will go mainstream in web design

You have probably had a chat with a bot while surfing the internet. The only problem is that these bots are not so good at problem-solving and usually offer generic solutions. We expect that this trend will change in 2018. Artificial intelligence is advancing quite well, and one can expect that in 2018, it will be satisfactorily integrated into web design. You will most likely chat with a bot on any website and not even notice it. That’s one of the most interesting things to look out for in web design as we approach 2018.

5. Voice-guided user interfaces will become a common standard

If you have ever used Siri, then you have an idea of how effective a voice-guided interface is. As this technology gets perfected, it will most likely become a common feature on most websites by 2018. With a voice-based interface, the user can give better commands to a website for more refined results. This is something that corporations especially those targeted at the end-user segments of the market would want to take advantage of. It is this demand that will force developers to perfect, and make this technology commonplace in 2018.

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