Top 5 Icon Packs: February 2016

The great thing about Android is ability to be customized whichever way the user desires. One part of customization is icon packs. They help to change the look of your device allowing to achieve your desired look. There are thousands of icon pack available on the Google Play Store but this is a roundup of my favorite icon packs.

1. CandyCons Icon Pack
This is a classic, as you may know this is one of my favorite Icon Packs, and was featured in ‘My top 5 favorite icon packs of 2015.’ It still provides a simplistic design but also offers a clean simple icon which I really enjoy.

Min Icon Pack (1)


2. Min Icon Pack
This is a new icon pack which I discovered about 2 weeks ago. It is now one of my favorites as you can see it’s no.2 on the list. It is designed to be small, as they are half the size of standard icons, and they are elegantly white.
Min Icon Pack


3. Impulse Icon Pack
These are a new icon pack which I really liked the look of. This icon pack is based of off 5 main colors (Deep grey/blue, yellow, orangey red, pastel deep blue and finally white. Be sure to check these out as they are quite unique. I have seen others try to create an icon pack white has only a limited amount of colors but the folks over at Prodigy Art, Inc did a really great job.
Min Icon Pack (2)


4. Carton Material Icon Pack
This is another new icon pack I found the other day. I like the simplicity which they bring to the stock Google icons as well as the other icons they provided. What they have done is taken the key parts of the stock icons which the app developer made, and enhance it slightly to make it more appealing.
Min Icon Pack (3)


5. Inverse Icon Pack
These are one of my favorites as well, I only downloaded this one yesterday but I have to say I really like. They are similar to the Min Icon pack but they are a dark grey black with a thin square boarder with curved corners. I think that this adds continuity and consistency throughout the whole icon pack and create a minimal sophisticated style for the user.
Min Icon Pack (4)


What are your favorite I am thinking of doing this as a monthly article showing you my top 5 icon packs of the month. If this is something you are interesting please leave a comment below or you can contact me via social media which is also linked below.



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