Team Apple Vs. Team Android.

I have a history with being a user of smartphones for a few years now and have witness the rapid growth in the industry. Within the rise of the smartphone obviously competition is a HUGE among the various companies involved. Some companies have survived and others not so much. The two companies that stand out the most without a doubt is Apple and Google. Apple ran the table for years and was able to just coast along without a worry. Until Google came along and woke a sleeping giant called Android. Blackberry and Microsoft were snuffed out and have been in survival mode for some time now. Apple and other Android manufacturers have had and are going through rigorous law suite battles…like non-stop, one after the other. Which leaves the world to chose either Team Apple or Team Android. The rival was sparked when Motorola produced the OG Droid. “Droid Does” became the driving force of the Android Platform claiming “For everything that your phone doesn’t do, Droid Does.” It was a great campaign and hit Apple where it hurts. Apple could no longer coast along. They had to move. They had to innovate. In a sense they had to catch up.

Here were are in 2012. The war continues between the select companies. But where does this leave the consumer? The companies that are infatuated with the “Patent Wars” are in my opinion leaving out consideration for the ones who actually keep them in business, the consumer/customer. The potential and capabilities that smartphones have are MIND-BLOWING! But these Patent Wars are holding back the full potential of the smartphone. Imagine if somehow, some way these patents could be integrated together? Pause for minute… Seriously think about it…Allow yourself to have a Geek moment…Yeah, pretty amazing! But for the immediate need, there is not much we as the consumer can do about it. Unless the companies start to listen to the consumer (flashes of “V For Vendata” start to come to me).

There are members from each Team that are no doubt devoted to their side. I am personally I fan of both (is that possible?). Bane Tech’s mission is always have the “Everyday User Experience” in mind with what we do. In a sense we want to keep a bi-partison approach to the content we share. I appreciate what Apple and Android have to offer. Both platforms offer great products. With you in mind, we want to offer advice and input that will set you up for your lifestyle. For some people Apple may suite their needs more than Android and visa versa. What I want to encourage is people to offer other sound advice and hear out the needs of the person to whom they are giving advice. It is so easy to pick a side because that particular platform meets YOUR needs. For a long time Android fit my needs, then for another season Apple did the job for me. For example, I have seen quite a few times someone tell another person why he or she should get a particular device and then the consumer ends up not happy with the device that were persuaded to purchase. I would rather have a happy person with a device that fits his needs. Ask those discover questions, know what the other Team offers and if you can give a demonstration of the devices available.

To land this plane, while the two Teams battle it out in the courtrooms the consumer is left to our own survival. The smartphone and tablet industry is a fun and ever so expanding universe. Team Apple and Team Android are the heavy hitters. We as the consumer can help each other out. The grass roots communities are spectacular. Personally I believe the Android Community is better than the Apple Community, but the point is there are many consumers out there. Not each one is as devoted as the other. If we want to improve the consumer base, it is up to the devout Team Apple and Team Android member to mentor the average user and set them up with the devices that will fit their lifestyle. In result the consumer base will be a happy, educated and satisfied cliental. At that point, hopefully the big name companies will notice and listen to their consumers.

Which Team are you on? Was there someone that brought you over to that team? How were you influenced to invest in the mobile device industry?

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