The Real Modern Family – Meeting 1

Today is the first meeting for The Real Modern Family Life Group. I am excited and nervous at the same time. God put this Life Group on my heart to lead. It is the combination of two things that I have a passion for, ministry and technology. I love to help people. Ministry and tech is two areas that I enjoy helping people in. The intention for this Life Group is to use technology for the Christian advantage. 

We live in a high tech world and Christians need to keep up with the times. Often technology is looked at like something evil. Technology is used correctly can be one of the biggest tools we as Christians can use. The are countless resources at our disposal. Resources to help guard unwanted material reaching our homes, ways to connect with not only fellow Christians but non-believers, and a way to spread the hope that is within us. 

Part of the content we will be covering is from the “Culture of Honor” by Danny Silk. This reading will help cultivate and develop a Kingdom perspective learning how to honor others. I believe that this will help set the tone of an effective way to each out to others. 

Today is an introduction day and setting the tone for the group. The agenda is:

  • Talk about techie questions and subject that anyone might have
  • Talk about different ways we currently use technology 
  • Discuss what we learned from the first chapter of “Culture of Honor.”

What are some ways that you use or have seen technology used for the Christian advantage? 

What specific resources do you know of? Take a few minutes are search for some new resources. 

Culture of Honor – Chapter 1 – Reflect Questions

 What about this story is most surprising? Have you seen similar situations handled differently? What were the results? 

 This story challenges common understandings of what words like freedom, self control, powerful, and honor look like. Can you explain these concepts in your own words? Are there aspects that you are having trouble understanding or accepting?

 What part of this story spoke to you most strongly? What aspects of it seem the most difficult? What can you take from it to apply to your own life?

 Credit: Silk, Danny (2012-06-28). The Practice of Honor: Putting Into Daily Life the Culture of Honor (p. 31). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition. 

This group is open to anyone. Please let me know if you are interested in joining the group. Together we can make a difference in our families, churches and community. 

My Thoughts – 

• Problems are deeper than what the surface is revealing. Usually surface is the symptom of the real issue. 
• Learn the art of the question
• Giving the answer to someone might not be what is needed. The person needs to search his own heart for the answer. 
• Are you quick to ask questions or give opinions instead?
• Are we defined by our sin?
• Paint bucket mess. 
Think of a situation, past or present, in which someone did something that hurt you. Consider how you can apply the principles of this story to your own situation. Write out a “practice” scenario between you and another person in which you use only the principles of honor discussed in this chapter. If possible, share this practice with another person and get some feedback. 
In order to change the way we treat others, we need to change ourselves. What in your life and heart needs to change for you to adopt the culture of honor into your everyday walk? Write down your thoughts. Then ask the Lord to give you a specific strategy for renewing these areas of your life according to His truth. 
This week, try to apply the use of questions and choices modeled in this chapter in at least one situation in your life— perhaps with your spouse, your children, your parents, a co-worker. Share this with a friend or classmate and talk about ways in which you can improve your choice-giving and question-asking skills.
Silk, Danny (2012-06-28). The Practice of Honor: Putting Into Daily Life the Culture of Honor (p. 31). Destiny Image. Kindle Edition. 
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