The Best of Me: I surrender: Part 4. Commitment to Covenant.

I’m yours: Commitment to Purity. 
– I love you with the purity of Christ. 
buwsh (Boosh) : to be ashamed. To be disappointed. 
Wherever lives. Intimacy dies. Wherever secrets live. Intimacy dies. 
Intimacy is just not only sexual. 
Wherever intimacy lives. Sin dies. 
When you live in intimacy you walk in confidence. 
We are created to walk and carry the burden together. 
Rules of the shame game
Satan loves it when you connect to what you did with who you are. 
Only way to be safe is to hide. 
Where there is transparency. There is life. 
We are children of light. 
Sin will make you react and fast. Adam and Eve learned how to sew really fast. They had to cover up. 
Satan tactic is to question God. 
Satan will tell you that “you were created that way.”
Satan will twist the truth. 
Sin will make you rationalize. 
Our commitment to purity is for our spouse only. 
Stop and see what God has give you. When is the last time you have appreciated your spouse. 
We tend to put the God card on things that are not God. 
Not everything that feels bad is not always not of God. If we are going to grow, it’s gonna be in the challenges. How do you learn from it? What do You need to work in me? There is something deep down inside that a bandaid won’t help. 
Message by: Pastor Stacy Turney of Church at the Crossing. Dothan, AL

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