TackForm Ultra Grip car and windshield mount

There are tons of cell phone car mounts out there and it can quite frankly be a pain in the butt to find what is actually a good mount versus a cheap knockoff that will break in just a short amount of time. Luckily TackForm is not one of those unreliable companies who sells the cheap stuff and provides a quality mount. They offer a few styles to choose from and each one caters to certain preferences. The first flagship mount is the Ultra Grip. Accompanying the Ultra is the Magneto and then there are a few more mounts including the bike mount and GoPro mounts. For this post we are going to talk about the Ultra Grip.

The Ultra Grip

The Ultra Grip has been a worthy mount I have used for a few weeks now. I use it in my SUV as my daily driver mount and it has not disappointed me yet. At first I was really curious about whether or not the mount would fit my monster sized phone, the Nexus 6 (a 5.9″ screen). My concerns were laid to rest as I discovered the Ultra had no problem supporting the huge phone. Along with my concerns about it holding my Nexus 6 well was if I could use the mount with one hand and again I was pleased to find out I could use one hand to place the device in the mount with a problem. The operation was effortless.

There are two arms that are adjustable. One with a spring and the other with a slider that has a tightener to stiffen up at the desired width you want. Once that is set you’re golden! The other neat adjustment included in this build is the neck and head of the mount. The combination lets you position the device in many angles, which is great for all sorts of windshield. For example, my Prius has a shallow angle compared to my Expeditions taller angle. Not too mention there is the option to place the mount on the dashboard, which happens to be my personal preference.

The bottom of the mount is pretty cool because it has this sticky (almost goo feel like Gak!) surface that helps secure the whole mount on whatever surface you place the mount on. This is better than the standard suction cup that tends to lose suction over time and there is no need to dampen the suction cup area on the Ultra Grip at all because of the sticky material. Mind that you need to be careful where you place the mount (and mount, not just TackForm). Some vehicle surfaces will damage over time leaving a circular mark on certain types of dashes.

This mount is very simple to use and hold my heavy Nexus 6 in place just fine! If my Nexus 6 doesn’t have a problem then there is not a phone out there that this thing can’t handle. Not too mention I use a case with all my devices and the mount still had no problem taking on the extra bulk! I really like TackForm products and I believe they are worth checking out. Links and a video walkthrough is below, so check em out and let me know how you like em!

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