SwitchPod - Perfect tripod for vlogging

SwitchPod – Perfect tripod for vlogging

SwitchPod was announced this week and it has been a huge hit with video creators. I’ve seen many video creators I follow who are supporting this fresh Kickstarter project. Sometimes these projects are quite hyped up, but this product looks fantastic!

Vlogging is something I want to do more of this year and I have used the typical setup for vlogging, which is…

This setup works well, however, my biggest gripe has been the GorillaPod. Although it’s great for what it is, it’s just clunky, stiff, and sometimes hard to adjust even for the simple use of a tripod. The one benefit of the GorillaPod is being able to wrap the legs around objects allowing the camera to be positioned in areas that nothing else would support it (i.e. pole or railing).

The SwitchPod positions the camera in the angle needed for vlogging and when needing to place down on a surface the legs flip out in seconds. There’s no fumbling around with the legs like you have to with a GorillaPod.

SwitchPod - Perfect tripod for vlogging

Other cool facts about the SwitchPod:

  • Non-slip feet
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Can hold up to 100LBS!
  • Accessorize. Use the two ¼-20″ threads on the legs to add a mic, a monitor, an LED light, or other accessories you like to use

If you want to save some money on the SwitchPod get it now on Kickstarter.

SwitchPod - Perfect tripod for vlogging

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