stop hate

Stop hate in the tech community!

Stop hate in tech

Stop hate, by stop using the word “hate” in the tech community! A thought has been resonating for a few days now, in light of the tragic shooting in Orlando. I’m the type of guy who wants to see society do well and improve. Part of the world I live through is media, along with many many others. Therefore, our online vocabulary and behavior must start turning for the better.

stop hate

I’ve seen the word hate thrown around very liberally. It’s time to open our vocabulary up and use other terms to describe what we dislike. What’s got me stirred up about this is that when using the word hate concerning an opinion about a phone, we’re matching the same level of hate as what possessed a man to kill 50+ defenseless people. So you’re telling me you hate a phone as much as how much the terrorist did when he killed all those people? Do you see the unnecessary exaggeration?

Stop hate challenge

This is my challenge to YouTubers, Bloggers, and any other media in the tech world. Stop using the word hate in your content because you’re spreading hate and saying you have as much hate as a murderer.

stop hate

It’s a boosting SEO strategy to include such a word and usually gets people fired up, but we got to make a change. We have the power of influence. Let’s use it for the good. I think it’s worth sacrificing some views to stop using a powerful word like hate.

For Example:

  • “10 Things I Hate About_______!”
  • “Why I Hate_______!”

The same goes for commenters. Stop saying someone is hating on a phone because they don’t like it. If someone holds a different opinion than you, it does not mean they are hating.

Stopping using the word hate in tech will at least make a difference in the tech community. Whether you’re creating content or commenting on content, make the choice to stop spreading hate.

stop hate

Obviously, this principle can be applied in other areas outside the tech community. If you feel as strong as I do, not only do this in the tech community, but in all areas where you are an influence. It will be worth it. You can make a difference!

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