Staying Sharp

Ecc. 10:10

We keep doing the same thing with a dull ax and it gets us nowhere.

There are things that need to change and others that need to stay the same.

1. God stays the same. I must change. John 3:30
To become sharp, there must be less of me. Intentionally pursue God. Religion wants God to conform to us.
How do we connect with God? It’s not about our preference. We have seen people engage songs, styles of music and how it’s being done. Sometimes we worship the worship experience.
We need a genuine presence of God.

His presence doesn’t need to change.

There is no power in contemporary music, gospel music. The power comes from God. The power comes from when we engage God.
We are so much more when we give. God so loved the world, he gave…
If you have the ability to respond, that makes you respond.

Unity keeps us sharp. Doesn’t mean that you agree with everyone. But just like drills in the military there is one sound/pop with movements. Doesn’t matter about opinions, beliefs, or thoughts. One movement, one sound.

2. The message stays the same. The methods have to change.
Matthew 13:10-13
Relevant means being able to communicate the gospel. Not diminish it.
Be a genuine representation of God. People don’t have a problem with God, but they do have a problem with how he is represented.
Just like marriage. I love you = the message, doesn’t change. But the method changes.
If you write, write a letter to God. If you sing, sing a song.

3. Truth stays the same. Our understanding must change.
1. Chronicles 12:32
Romans 12:2

Are you dull?

What do you do?
1. Schedule intentionally
Mark 6:46
He took leave from them. Take time away. He intentionally got with the Father.
Nothing is worth getting dull over.
2. Tie up loose ends.
Luke 21:34
The cares if the world. You can’t handle it all. The mower works much better when you clear the area first, rather than just running it over. The blades dull faster.

3. Learn to speak truth in love.
Ephesians 4:15
Don’t give people a bunch of bull. Take off you church face and be real.
Religion has taught us to reject those who need help.
Take the mask off.

4. Learn from others who are not like you.
Ephesians 4:16

Message by Pastor Stacy Turney, Pastor of Church at the Crossing

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