YouTube and DOMA

So I’m checking my Youtube channel out and I notice that Youtube has made a heart with gay pride colors. Trying to give the benefit of the doubt I clocked it hoping it was just Google colors. Well… Not so much. The link leads to #ProudToLove channel. A channel that Youtube quote “Youtube is #ProudToLove the LGBT community.”

Why are these companies being vocal about this subject? Google needs to stick to Google. Apple needs to stick technology. On and on.

I’m not saying this out of hate or anything like that. It’s just backwards to me that these companies are allowed to publicly say what they are saying but when Chic-fil-a’s owner makes a statement in a private meeting about his personal belief and not representing his company speaking on his companies beliefs, that it’s just not right.

Google should not be forcing every YouTube viewer to see gay pride promotional material. If the coexist community really wants equality, then why not show Christian, conservative or other right wing materials? It’s usually the other way around. Only liberal, anti-Christian material is supported by the #coexist community.

Long story short, these companies need to stick to business. If the leaders of the companies support the #LGBT community, then do so on their personal time. 

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