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What is Smart Hands and how will it help my business?

Regardless of the expanse of your data center, having a competent on-site technical support team to provide immediate assistance in times of technical failure and service disruptions will always be of great help. While you have the option to hire a certified technician who will be stationed inside your company’s data center, it is not always the perfect choice.

help my business

Smart Hands Explained

One of the most efficient and popular alternatives to hiring certified technicians is getting Smart Hands services. Aside from being versatile and highly reliable, Smart Hands services are also less expensive to maintain since these qualified data center technicians are capable of performing a number of tasks instantly and with accuracy.

But before we head on further, let us first define what the Smart Hands service is. Smart Hands basically refers to a technical support system wherein technicians stationed inside the site can quickly respond to problems that may arise within your data center. In contrast to certified technicians, they are not necessarily trained nor duly recognized to specialize in a specific technology.

Some Smart Hands may still possess certifications to technologies that they specialize in, but the clearer advantage that they have over traditional technicians is that they can virtually handle almost all tasks related to the collocation equipment. How is that possible? Smart Hands involves the communication between an on-site staff and remote technical assistance centers that specialize in different products and categories. A technical support staff then receives instructions from certified technicians and project managers to troubleshoot advanced issues.

Proactive and Reactive Smart Hands

Depending on your budget and needs, you may either utilize a proactive or reactive approach with Smart Hands. The main difference is that in proactive Smart Hands, a technical team actively monitors your equipment and fixes minor issues as early as possible to prevent delay; while in reactive Smart Hands, problems with the equipment must be reported first before a technician acts on the issue. The proactive approach is more efficient for businesses which heavily depend on reliable server up-times.

Advantages of Smart Hands

Now that you know what the concept of Smart Hands is all about, here are three advantages of using it in your business. Avail of Smart Hands services and maximize the potential of your company now.

  1. Quicker Response Times

Having a technical staff on standby can greatly reduce the frequency of server down times and service interruptions that your business may experience. This is actually more practical for businesses which host and operate their own servers. With Smart Hands, you have a peace of mind that all technical issues can be resolved in as little time as possible. You can also submit your queries and requests (e.g. for upgrades) through an on-site technician and receive responses immediately.

  1. Improved Data Security

Smart Hands services can help protect your data by performing regular maintenance checks and data backups. Your business can greatly benefit from being protected from disastrous shutdowns that could take your company days or even weeks to recover from.

  1. Higher Productivity

With reduced down times and higher reliability on the performance of collocation equipment, your business can now operate with more efficiency. Also, by preventing frequent and prolonged interruptions, your employees can focus more on the tasks and projects that really matter.

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