Cargo Customizable Case (iPhone 5) is a pretty cool company that offers a lot of options to suit up your devices in just about any style and look you can think of. There are skins, cases and other accessories for phones, tablets and computers. The skins are high quality. I have used some in the past on other devices. But there are not many companies that allow you to upload your own design to a case. SkinIt does! I chose to upload the Bane Tech logo (shout out to Salt Digital Arts for creating the logo).


This particular case is the Cargo model. It is a two material design which is polycarbonate and TPU. The case itself is protective against bumps, scrapes, scratches and drops. The volume and power button is covered up while the vibrate rocker, camera and ports all have cutouts.

The process to upload an image and design the case to how you see fit is actually pretty easy. My biggest advice is to make sure the image is high quality definition for the best outcome. The Bane Tech logo turned out pretty good. The mask is faded in the background by design and the mask still shows up on the case. The letters came out looking pretty good too, although if I could do it again I would make the image smaller.


My only complaint is that the volume and power buttons are hard to press. Other than that this case is a cool option to truly make the device look the way you want. You have many options to choose from whether it is a skin or a case. Huge Discounts on Computers 728x90

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