Show Box: Free Movies and TV shows for Android

This is a little nifty app which lets you watch the latest movies, YES I MEAN THE LATEST MOVIES, whenever they are released in cinemas. I have used this app for about a year now and I can say that it is very reliable and if you don’t want to spend any money on month subscriptions which do not provide you with the latest movies then switch to Show Box.

1. Click here to download the Show Box APK, or equally go to the Show Box Link



2. On your Android device, if you haven’t already, Go to ‘Settings’ > scroll to the bottom ‘Security’ >  then scroll down to ‘Unkown Sources’ and check this off. This is just to make sure you can download the app from the internet because it isn’tinn the play store.


3. Once the app has been downloaded, open it and enjoy the world of FREE LATEST MOVIES and TV SHOWS.





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