Sentey ThorX headphones – for the price they sound great!

The Sentey ThorX headphones surprised me. I was going to upload the review video to my second channel, but I am going to publish to my main YouTube channel because they sound that good to me! The headset is affordable and puts out some great sound!


I’ve got a bluetooth headset that I use all the time that these remind of a lot, but these are just a wired headset, which is perfectly fine. I’m sure there are folks out there that prefer a wired headset. Personally, I like to have the option to have wireless/wired connection. Most of the time I like to use wireless headphones.

The build quality is pretty good. I like the brushed aluminum two tone design. Looks fresh! The ear-pads and headband have a nice leather soft touch. Along with the nice materials the headset is foldable to be able to put in the hardish shell case for storage and protection.


Alright, so these look good, but how do they sound? They sounds GREAT! I was pleasantly surprised of how good these sound. For only costing about $40 on Amazon I am completely happy with the sound quality.

As I was shooting the video I was wondering if there was any sound leakage. Obviously I was not able to notice any leakage while the headset was on, but during editing the video there was some leakage. For me this is not a big deal. It’s not much if you’re concerned about it. Watch and listen to the video to hear how much leakage happens.

Again, I am very pleased with the ThorX headphones. They don’t cost much, you can use em with phones, computers, and gaming systems. Simply put this is a great buy.

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