SEIDIO OBEX iPhone 5/5s Waterproof Case – Review, Installation and Functionality

I am very excited to present to you an amazing case called the Sedio Obex for the iPhone 5. The Obex is also available for the Galaxy S3. You have the option of two colors at this point and you have the option of buying a holster. Seidio has spent some time developing the Obex for the iPhone 5 and I was stoked here about it when they announced the case.

This review is in depth and provides a lot of tips, pointers and guides concerning the installation, testing and functionality. I encourage you to take a look at all segments of the review to get a full understanding of the Obex. Pay attention to the installation which is the most important part of this review. I tried to include facts, opinions and results with this review. Without further delay here is the Obex.

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Specs (From Seidio):

image-1Water & Dust Protection (IP68)


Certified to protect from dust and during complete, continuous submersion in water 2 meters deep.




MIL-STD-810G Drop Protection

OBEX provides protection that exceed military standards which address a broad range of extreme environmental conditions.




Advanced Technology

The materials, structure and design of the OBEX case and holster ensure the highest level of protection possible.




Secure Carrying Solution


Unique spring-clip holster with optional locking mechanism holds your device in place.




For the full list of specs check out Seidio’s Obex page.

The Review:

The Seidio Obex Case in my opinion is the best waterproof, dust proof, dirt proof and snow proof case on the market. I believe it out performs the top competitor LifeProof. Although I respect the users that prefer the LifeProof case for their own reasons such as the ability to add accessories on the LifeProof Case. Optional accessories for the Seidio Obex is the Holster and Mounting System. Even then the Holster just cost an extra $10 with the combo deal versus LifeProof’s $30 belt clip. In my opinion the LifeProof accessories are far too overpriced. With all that said let me give you why the Obex out performs the LifeProof and my own experience with the Obex.


First, the touchscreen experience is outstanding. The design of the Obex basically is built so that the screen protector is what lays on top of the screen. LifeProof installs their filtration system between the screen and screen protector which cause the annoying air gap. The Obex has a slight gap, but is only noticeable at the top corners and less at the bottom corners. The center you cannot tell a difference. Per the instructions do not have any screen protectors installed with the Obex. I tried with and without screen protectors installed and the advice is correct. One the case is harder to close and the touch screen was not as responsive.

Call Volume:

The call volume was better than the LifeProof but was still dampened. If I was in even a slightly noisy atmosphere the call was difficult to hear at times. The speakerphone worked just fine. For the best call volume performance I would recommend a bluetooth or headphone set.

Port Accessibility:

All ports are accessible for both the LifeProof and the Obex. They offer different styles to get to the buttons and ports. This part I have mixed thoughts. I like the LifeProof’s vibration button. The Obex is hard to get to with short fingernails and my wider thumbs. I would have to hit the rocker at the right angle to switch the vibrate to on/off. The headphone jack is mixed feelings too. I like that LifeProof provides an adapter that keep the case waterproof and the ability to connect any size jack. The Obex you have to use a skinny jack but there is not a dangling adapter to keep up with. The USB connection is pretty much easy for both. The Obex home and volume buttons are easy to press.


The Obex is easy to slide in and out of my pocket (skinny jeans included). The case is rather thin and doesn’t add too much bulk. There are no rubber or gripping material which makes the case easy for pocket use but is still not slippery in the hand.

Durability/ Protection:

The case and holster are made of a high quality material that will give outstanding drop protection. The advantage of the waterproof technology is that it adds a nice cushion. The front is raised above the screen giving front impact protection. All the way around the device is protected. The camera lens is protected by glass and has a deep cutout.

Final Thoughts:

This is a case I will not get annoyed with. It is designed to be a daily driver and passes my desires out of a protective, durable case. I want it to be thin, pocketable and does not take away from the touch screen experience. In my opinion the Obex is a better case than the LifeProof in quite a few aspects. If you are in the market for a waterproof protective case I would recommend the Obex.

Waterproof Tests:

Rather than talk about the test, take a gander at the video tests. There are two parts to the main review and I will have a special features video up shortly. So be sure to subscribe to my channel to see the video as soon as it hits the channel.

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