SEIDIO OBEX Waterproof case for the Galaxy Note 3 – Unboxing – Waterproof Test – 1st Impressions

SEIDIO has released their OBEX waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. There no other companies offering a top brand level quality of a waterproof case for the Note 3 and I have it here to test, review and discuss. For this article you can expect me to cover the unboxing, installation guide, waterproof test and first impressions. As of the time of this post, I have not even had the case for a whole day, so I will do a follow up post regarding a real user experience in a week’s timeframe. Allowing at least one week of use will give me ample time to base a well-rounded review about the new SEIDIO OBEX.

Video is worth a thousand pictures, so check the video below for a first look at the OBEX.

The Unboxing:

The OBEX’s box has a window to peak in the box viewing the case ready to be taken out. The box is laid out with a well design information and data about the OBEX. As you open the top of the box you are then greeted with the best waterproof Galaxy Note 3 case on the market.

The holster is attached to the OBEX if you order the Holster Combo. Both items comes with instructions to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

The Installation:

This is actually one of the best parts of the OBEX. In previous models is a rubber band o-ring that could come off the case. You had to make sure it stayed in the respective grooves for proper installation and to keep it waterproof. The other generations also had removable parts such as the charging and vibrate rocker port covers. This guy has NO removable parts! It is simply the front and back covers. That’s it!

This model also has two grooves to pry the covers apart. The iPhone 5 model only had one. I like the two grooves because it takes away stress on the case. You can now gently pry and work your way around the case. Use a coin or object that will not damage the case. It is not recommended to use a sharp object. To begin opening the case be sure to unlatch the top and bottom port covers.

Once the two parts of separated you are initially greeted with the manual of everything you need to know about the case. From warning, installation procedures and specs.

For the best results you will need to complete two installations. The first is for the water test without the phone installed and then another with the phone installed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.05.11 AM

To install the case lay the front cover with screen protector facing down on a flat smooth surface. Line up the phone screen side down, use the camera as a reference point and begin to place the phone inside the case. Press the middle first and then each corner. Do not press hard, but remain firm. Once you feel confident the phone is where it needs to be, proceed to the back cover.

Align the back cover with the front and press down to start the compression. At this point pick up the case and begin to work your way around the border pressing the covers together. Once the covers are sealed close the hatches and the case is now fully installed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.11.06 AM

The Water Test:

As stated above you will want to perform a water test without the phone installed and then do a test (if you want) with the phone installed. The first test I like to use a piece of paper-towel, which you can tell if the case is defective or had a bad installation if the paper gets wet while submerged. Keep the case baptized for about 5 minutes and then dry off the case. Uninstall the case and carefully inspect the case for any water beginning by checking the paper for any wet marks. You will see some water on the first perimeter area grooves. The area of concern is the direct middle area. If no water in the middle you are good to go!

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.15.30 AM

First Impressions:

So I have done a review for the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 OBEX cases and each generation seems to get better. The S4 OBEX was a great improvement over the iPhone 5 model. However, the Note 3 seems to be a smidget less as good as the S4 from what I can tell at this point. With that said I have to get a week or so worth of use out of it before I can give you an honest, quality opinion about the Note 3 OBEX. The only complaints so far is the menu and back buttons are not as easy to press and I had to turn on the call volume booster during a phone call.

I would like to end this post on a positive note (no pun intended). What I love about this case for the Note 3 includes:

  • Not much bulk added for offering waterproof, rugged protection
  • S-Pen fully accessible and not too hard to remove
  • Smooth yet not slippery
  • The new textured grip on the home button
  • Buttons are easy to press
  • Pocketable
  • Responsive touch screen

Be sure to tune in for more coverage on the SEIDIO OBEX for the Note 3 as I will be reporting back to you about my experiences with the new waterproof case. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for video content and check out my other social network profiles for much more!


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