SEIDIO LEDGER View with Metal Kickstand – Dark Gray – Note 3 (S-View features)

The Seidio Ledger View with Metal Kickstand is an upgrade from the Ledger as we have know it, now with  S-View feature supported. The Note 3 is jam packed with tons of features and abilities and the S-View is something many users miss out on simply because of not having an S-View designed case. Seidio doesn’t want you to miss out on some cool features!

This case was the first time I have used a case with S-View support for the Note 3 and boy was I impressed. But before I get into all those details, let me talk about the design, installation and setup.


First thing you will notice is that the case feels like Seidio’s Surface case and Ledger had a baby. The back mirrors the same look and feel as the Surface and the front is just like the other Ledgers, with exception of the S-View window. The front flip-cover’s texture feels like a plastic cloth, if that makes any sense. It truly is a texture I have not really felt like other than from a Ledger. The inside of the cover is a soft felt material to help protect the screen. The back is actually a backplate replacement with S-View connectors built in. I thought the backplate was really cool because the case now slims down the whole setup not having a case on top of the phone, rather becomes part of the phone.

Not too mention the best designed kickstand that Seidio develops so well. The kickstand is metal, spring action and magnetic. Simply the highest quality kickstand I have used.


Installation, simply remove the Note 3’s backplate and snap on the Seidio Ledger. Just make sure you work your way around the edges. Easy breezy.

Setup is built in, so as long as you have TouchWiz running, you’re good to go. Even if you are using a 3rd party lockscreen app the S-View features will still work. Another neat feature is the sleep/wake activity.

My thoughts on the case is frankly impressed. Normally, I am not much of a fan of a flip-cover case, but the Seidio Ledger View make me want to use the case just because I want to use the S-View features. I like the fact that I can talk on the phone without getting my face all over the screen. The screen stays lookn good.


The S-View features took me by surprise. The more notifications and uses I used, the more I discovered all the S-Vew features. Those features include a swipe style launcher the has the time and notification icons on the home page. When you swipe to the right you are greeted with three tiles of a camera, Action Memo and music controls. When a phone call comes through you are able to answer or reject the call. When a text/mms message comes through you are able to read and view any pics that are sent. I’m diggin the features!

Overall, I have enjoyed using the case. The only “complaint” I have is the protective window screen needs to be a little bit more responsive. At times feel as though I need to apply too much pressure for the screen to respond. But it’s really not that bad. Just would like it a little more easier to swipe, etc. Other than that minor complaint, this case ROCKS! This is definitely something for the flip-cover case lover to try out!

If you like the case get it HERE

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