Seidio Active Case w/ Kickstand & Holster for the Samsung Galaxy S4

The Seidio Active case is made of two layers of protection. The first layer is a silicone skin that wraps around the device snuggly. The second layer is a durable hard polycarbonate plastic that fits right over the silicone skin. With this package I have the kickstand model. In my opinion Seidio makes one of the best kickstand in the business. The kickstand is made of metal with a spring to help keep the stand open and a magnet to keep the stand closed. It is not bulky and does not interfere with the use of the phone. I also have the holster to show off. Again Seidio makes a high quality product with the holster. The holster is ruggedly designed a very hard durable plastic. The ratcheting belt clip is thick and made to fit big belts.

2013-05-31 11.13.36

The grip design and soft touch silicone makes the Active case very comfortable to hold while not feeling slippery. The surface is smooth and helps keep the case pocketable (more so for average pocket sizes, not so much skinny jeans pocket sizes). The edges of the silicone are the only concern I have for the case. The sides are flexible, which gives the opportunity for lint or dirt to get trapped between the case and the phone.

2013-05-31 11.13.00

The kickstand is a nice feature because you can use the device for a desk clock, alarm clock or to watch videos. I really like the black on the white Galaxy S4. The two tones compliment each other well. Other cool features is that the Active case protects well against bumps, scrapes and drops. The double durable layers add a nice cushion to protect the device.

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