Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Amazon promo

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Amazon promo: Dex Pad Wireless Charger

Amazon is offering their own promo for getting the new Note 9. This promo, in my opinion, is the best freebies offer. Samsung, whether buying through them or other stores, are offering free AKG headphones or Fortnite skins as a pre-order deal. Amazon is offering better accessories that I think more customers would like versus the headphones or Fortnite stuff.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Amazon promo

If you order through Amazon you’re getting the Dex system that allows you to connect to a TV or monitor, which turns that screen into a desktop pc alternative. Buyers also get the new wireless charging pad that charges your device and the new Galaxy Watch. Both of these accessories bring more value for practical uses. The AKG headphones from what I hear are not that great and I wouldn’t use them that much. I’ve yet had the time to sit down and play many video games, so the Fortnite pack isn’t that appealing to me either. BUT that’s me, what’re your thoughts on the freebies? What ones do you prefer?

Mind, Amazon does not have a trade-in deal like what Samsung is offering, so that alone could be a dealbreaker.

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