Running with the Champions

Hebrews 12:1
It’s a race of serving The Lord, walking through hard times, seasons. 
So we need to know about persevering. 
If we are in the locker room at half time what would those in the Hall of Faith say?
He was the baby of the family. His father favored him. Special treatment. 
When life isn’t turning out how you want… Don’t give up on your dreams. 
God sometimes doesn’t show you the next step because if you knew what the next step was, you might not want to walk down that path. 
Genesis 37:5-7; 19-20
Sometimes when God shows you something it is not always something you should share with someone. 
Why do we get to the place of giving up?
Don’t give up on your dreams…
1- even if you didn’t have a good start: 
1 Timothy 1:12-13
2- even when those closest to you don’t support you:
Mark 6:3-4
3- even when your journey is full of surprises:
When you get a vision or plan from God it’s never from point a to point b
Joseph’s journey:
1- misunderstood. 
2- sold into slavery
3- living strange country
4- given favor in Potiphar’s house
5- falsely accused by Potiphar’s wife
6- thrown into prison
7- put in charge of the prisoners
8- forgotten by the chief cupbearer. 
9- remained in prison two more years
10- interprets Pharaoh’s dream
11-  second in command in Egypt 
What are you going to do in those “give up” times? 
4- even if it takes a long time:
Habakkuk 2:3
Joseph would say:
– Focus on what happens in you and not to you. 
– The quicker we GET what God is teaching us the quicker we get through it. 
– What do You want me to learn? Don’t ask God to take it away. 
– Your response to offense determines your future. 
Genesis 50:20-21
For what you intended for harm, God used for good. 
– God is with you
Message by Pastor Stacy Turney of Church at the Crossing.
These songs were used by God to minister to so many people during this service! 
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