The most rugged case for the OnePlus One – Cruzerlite Circuit Droid TPU case

The OnePlus One does not get much support in the accessories department. There are slim pickns when trying to find quality cases and screen protectors for the unicorn device. Granted there are a few good ones, but the choices are nowhere near actual flagship phones like the Galaxy S5 or LG G3. I can’t blame the accessory manufactures for not supporting the OPO because there isn’t enough demand for production. My quest to find a rugged case for the One was a dead end. There is not one rugged case out there for the One. The most rugged case for the OnePlus One is a TPU case.

If you have followed Bane Tech for a little while at least you should have picked up by now that I am a Cruzerlite fan. Their cases have been my go-to and daily driver cases for the a long time, ever since the Galaxy S3. I know there are other companies who provide TPU cases, such as Diztronic. But no offense to the others, the quality of material simply isn’t the same standard as I have experienced with Cruzerlite. The only reason I’d go with something else other the Cruzerlite is if I didn’t want an Android Bug Droid design, but I like the design. Therefore, I will stick with Cruzerlite. Not to mention the price is great and many color options to choose from. If you don’t believe me about the durability and quality of material check out my Will it Mow video series and you can tell the Cruzerlite case withstands the damage much better than other similar cases.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.45.03 AM

I have been rocking my Pelosi Black Sandstone case for the OnePlus One because I love the feel of the case. The texture is very similar to the One’s back with a light grade sandpaper grip. However, the top and bottom edges are left exposed and impact protection isn’t the greatest. It is only good for light drops and scratch protection. Leaving me no choice than to go with a Cruzerlite case for more protection in the times I need a tougher case.

What I like about the Cruzerlite case the most is that it covers all edges and corners. The rim and corners of a device has the highest chance of gaining damage when dropped or bumped against something. That is why it is so important to have the edges covered. Cruzerlite covers the entire edge.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.45.54 AM

Cruzerlite made an adjustment for the OnePlus One’s button cutouts area. Normally their cases have cutouts for the power and volume buttons, but this time around that made button covers. The reason is because the One’s buttons are small and smooth. The buttons ended up being to hard to access with just a cutout. The button covers makes it possible to press the buttons with ease. Personally, I do not like button covers too much. But when there are covers, it is a deal breaker for me if the buttons are hard to press. These covers you have to mash the buttons a tad bit harder compared to as if a case was not installed. As far as other cutouts such as the camera and mics, they are just fine.

I went with the black color this time around, which is not my normal color that I get. I normally get the green, but I am planning on using this case while working in lawn care and landscaping jobs and I’d rather the case not look so dirty. Other colors might tarnish easier with the environment I am placing my phone in.

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.46.39 AM

Unfortunately, there is not an actual rugged case like a Seidio Convert Combo Case or OtterBox for the OnePlus One. Hopefully soon some other reputable case companies will make a rugged case for us users who need a tough case. I wish I could rock the OnePlus One naked but I can’t. I have two small kids, I work outdoors and find myself in situations where I need that tough protection. Until then Cruzerlite is my choice for the most rugged case for the OnePlus One.

If you happened to want to prove me wrong about what the most rugged case is for the OnePlus One please leave a link to the product in the comments.

Click the image below to get a Cruzerlite case for the OnePlus One!

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