RSS Feed Subscriptions.

RSS Feeds are a great way to keep up with your favorite news, blogs and online sources. Many websites, almost all have some sort of RSS Feed subscription service.




Ever see a logo or icon that looks like this?







It is a simple procedure to subscribe to a RSS Feed. Follow these steps:

  • Navigate to a website and find the like logo as shown above.
  • Click the logo.
  • The logo will take you to a RSS Feed service. For demonstration purposes we will use Google’s service.
  • The service will ask for your preferences and an email address to which you would like the RSS Feed to be linked to. If you have a GMail account your Google login will allow you to sign up using Google Reader apps.
  • Follow the service’s instructions and you will be following the content and not miss a post.

Other options to follow RSS Feeds are by using apps such as Google Reader, Flipboard or Google Currents.

Did you know that Bane Tech has a RSS Feed service? There are a couple options to choose from. One of which is if you are a WordPress user you can scroll to the bottom of the site and sign up via email for WordPress’ subscriptions. The other option is to locate the like logo above and it will lead you to FeedBurner’s RSS Feed service.

Never miss another contest, giveaway, article or news story by Bane Tech by subscribing to the RSS Feed.

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