Ridiculing someone’s worship is dangerous.

2 Samuel 6: 20-23

David worshiped God in his own way by dancing in the street looking like how some may put it as a fool. When he returned home his wife retorted his actions. 

There are two main messages here. One is the obvious, David worshiped God extravagantly even if it made him look like a fool. The other is that it is dangerous to ridicule someone else’s worship to God. David’s wife thought the acts were not appropriate. The last verse tells us that she was not able to have children for the rest of her days. That’s a pretty serious consequence for scrutinizing how someone else worships God. 

This was a bigger deal than just not being able to have children anymore. It was an inheritance and family line cut off. She was no longer going to be able to have the honor to raise future leaders and even potential royalty. She would have to watch David’s other wives have children that would grow up to be royalty. 

Every generation seems to have the common battle to what the current traditional and contemporary styles of worship/music is like. Music history shows us some trends that continue even today. As music styles change there are ones that prefer what we consider is traditional and others like contemporary. There was a time that the use of any kind of instrument was considered unholy. Times have changed haven’t they. Today there are those that believe organs and pianos are the only acceptable forms of praise music.

Traditionalists tend to believe that contemporary is solely based on emotion and the emotion feeds the flesh, not God. I have to beg the differ. God is emotional. He created emotion. He created us in His image. Part of a relationship is emotional. “How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?”

Was David performing an act of worship that was unacceptable to God? He was dancing, leaping and blowing trumpets! God backed up David’s worship by not allowing Michal to have any kids for the rest of her days. 

Emotions are a fruit of true worship. Whether your emotions are displayed in private or public. Deep devotion and dedication to God is what He wants. Personally just thinking of how good God is gets me stirred up inside. Not to mention all the other awesome aspects of God that moves me. 

While on the other side of spectrum contemporary lovers can’t seem to understand how someone can sit still in the presence of God and is only limited to few instruments. 

But for me (someone who likes the contemporary side of things) to ridicule someone who prefers a more subtle means of worship is immature, disrespectful and un-Christlike. 

Either way, the important issue is that we have respect for other’s acts of worship. Just because it does not fit your personality does not consider the act unacceptable to God. Giving worth to God with a heart that deeply wants to please Him is a good place to start to worship Him. It boils down for me that I simply want breakthrough in someone’s life. Not my job to judge how God does it or how someone responds to breakthrough.

In my opinion and conviction, God created us in His image and created us uniquely. God has love languages just like we do. There are numbers of ways to worship. Whether that is through the means of music, prayer, Bible study, art work or how we love on others. Keep the main thing the main thing. Love God. Love others. 

I love versatility, options and a change of pace. I like to keep things new and fresh. There are times I like to be still and know He is God other times I get the urge to rock it out! I want to honor and love on my God. If that means acting like a fool or falling to my knees in the still quiet moment…then I will obey and love my King. 

So be careful when you judge how someone worships God. Worship God. It is not our place to ridicule other’s worship style. Only God knows the heart of the person. Where is your focus? God or the worshiper?

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