Zagg SmartBuds

Z buds by ZAGG

Zagg Smartbuds offer a number of great features. I have had a slew of earbuds in the last few years. The Zagg SmartBuds are among my favorite. Some of my favorite features are as follows:

  • Ability to hang the buds around my neck.
  • InvisibleSHIELD coating around the wiring.
  • Great sounds quality.
  • Volume control.
  • Answer/End & Play/Pause control.
  • The angle of the buds.

There are not really any Cons that go with the buds. The only negative I can find is the volume slider is sensitive. Other than that the buds are a great set of earbuds.

Check out the YouTube video.

I was able to catch a great promotion buying the buds for only $10 ($50 Value) when purchasing anything over $19.99. On top of that great deal, I snagged the 50% off any InvisibleSHIELD promotion. I was able to buy an iPad 2 HD InvisibleSHIELD + an iPhone 4S Case friendly InvisbleSHIELD + Zagg SmartBuds = for only $35! That was one of the best deals that I have come across of Zagg’s promotions. Couldn’t pass it up. Not to mention I was in the market for getting some quality earbuds or headphones, but did not want to drop the kinda $$$ to get the “High End” pairs like Beats. Needless to say I was happy to come across this deal and I needed a screen protector for the iPad 2.

If you want to get you some nice earbuds click the Zagg ad at the top. Follow Zagg on Twitter to keep up with all their great promos.

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