[Review] MacBook Pro 13” iBenzer Smooth Finish Plastic Hard Case Cover

Our devices can be one of the most personal and beautiful things that we own. This is part of the reason why I love Apple products so much; there is so much inherent beauty built into them that any accessory we purchase and use needs to also be both beautiful and add something to the overall user experience.

I usually go for cases and accessories that are a a certain color or from a certain manufacturer. Right now my favorite color scheme is black and white and my case producer du jour is Speck Products. Don’t get me wrong, Speck is great but their price point can be a little bit higher than I like. But for my MacBook Pro with Retina Display, I really liked the milled aluminum look. This is is why I enjoy the iBenzer case so much.

Upon taking the case out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how premium the case packaging looked. Nothing about it screamed “cheap” or “not as good” as a big brand name like Speck. Everything was sealed and the interior packaging also had some bubble protection in it so the case stayed sturdy during shipment.

The installation process was very easy on the computer. It has two pieces; a bottom part to cover the feet and bottom case as well as a top case cover. They both snap on and feel very connected and sturdy to the computer. I like a case that leaves no wiggle room between the case and the device and this one gives a nice and firm hold and seal on the MacBook.

I really enjoy the physical touch and the feel of the case as well. It has a great almost “soft touch” feel to it. Also, a lot of cases for the MacBook do not cover the feet on the bottom of the computer but this one has nice, solid white foot-pads so the computer stays totally protected.

I used the white frost case which I would highly recommend. It provides some personalization and it still looks like the MacBook instead of some different computer. If you want to go to your own coloration, iBenzer creates several different products and colors in this same vein.

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