Elago G5 Slim Fit For Galaxy S3

Elago makes some really nice products and carry a variety of styles for your wireless device. Check out their store at ElagoStore.com. For the direct link to the G5 Slim Fit For Galaxy S3 is HERE. There are many colors to choose from and offer two styles of finishes. Soft Feel and Glossy.

Description from Elago Store:


Improved Features
Our new G5 Slim Fit case for the Galaxy S3 lets you protect and cover your phone in style! The case was molded to fit perfectly and allows easy, full access to all buttons and ports on your device.
Our Slim Fit cases are specially coated to reduce the amount of scratches, oil, and dirt residue left on your phone, all while improving grip quality.
The case’s design allows you to use your phone as if there was nothing attached to it at all; remove it from your pocket or purse with no hassle!
Though we could have manufactured our products through China, elago chose to manufacture and produce products through Korea to assure quality control and the use of toxic free chemicals in the plastic.
The Galaxy S3 is a phone with remarkable design and it needs the proper case to compliment it. Clothe your phone in the crisp, clean style it deserves with our G5 Slim Fit case! Check out all of the eye-catching colors available!


The Slim Fit for the Galaxy S3, the name says it all. Its a slim, thin case. The case is molded to fit nicely around the device. The soft feel has a nice texture that does not feel like its going to slip out of the hand. The case does slide in and out of the pocket with ease. The case does not collect any dust, lint or dirt. One of the design features that I like so much about this case is that it does not leave any grease or oil prints from the fingers. The case looks smooth all the time. The case is a hard plastic and does not bend easily. Meaning even though the case is slim, there is still durability. The case will protect from scratches and nicks. The corners of the phone are also protected. The case should protect from at least minor drops. The case is slightly raised above the phone which will protect the screen of the phone is faced down.


Because this is a slim case, there is a chance of damage to the phone if a major drop occurs. If the phone were to drop on the screen there is a chance of damage depending on what the phone drops on. This is a slim case, so rugged protection is not something to expect. The top and bottom front edge is exposed and leaves the chance of blemishes to happen.


This is a simple slim case for the Galaxy S3 that has many features. My favorite features are the slim design, ease of pocket use and oils (from hands) cannot be seen on the case. The case always look fresh and new. I would recommend this case for anyone not worried about ultimate protection like a rugged case would offer. This case is still going to protect from common bumps, scrapes and scratches.


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