G-Form X-Protect Case: iPhone 4/4S

G-Form puts some unique technology in their products. They not only provide mobile device cases, but the tech also is installed in athletic equipment and extreme sport products. They have hardcore impact protection. To define the technology, G-Form has developed RPT (Reactive Protection Technology). In a nut shell 90% of the impact is absorbed as the crash is happening. During the impact, the material stiffens to absorb the energy of the impact. Cool stuff!

X-Protect Breakdown.


The technology put in this case is state of the art. The impact protection is top notch. I like the corner reinforcement. Most falls will happen on the corner of the device. In a sense, the X-Protect is like putting your device in a pillow. The look and the feel of the phone is nice. Holding the case feels good in the hand. It does not feel like its going to fall out of the hand. The material feels like a egg shell, foam, plastic touch. But not slippery or sticky. The case slides in and out of the pocket with ease. If you are looking for an extreme, modern and edgy look the X-Protect offers style for the active user. There are many colors to choose from.


The particular iPhone used with this review has an invivibleSHIELD Case friendly screen protector on it. The edges of the screen protector in some areas got pinched. While this could be mostly user error installing the screen protector, at the same time, the screen protector is not spaced completely off. Make sure to use a screen protector that goes edge to edge, because the X-Protect will overlap the screen protector rather than lay next to each edge.

The skeleton and the foam do not adhere to each other. Leaving the possibility to build up lint, dirt or debris. This case does add some extra bulk, but this is designed for impact protection and a slim case will not give you the same kind of protection as an impact case would give.


This case offers some great impact technology and isn’t to bad in the eyes. Has some style options with a variety of colors. The added corner protection is a major plus. I would recommend this case for anyone looking for added impact and shock protection.


If you live in the Wiregrass/ Dothan, AL area be sure to pick one of these up. If not visit WiregrassTechnologies.com and order one.


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