Prophet Ed Traut.

Meeting #3

John 7

Religion is a spiritual lifestyle that is man made. Jesus came to give liberty and life. You don’t HAVE to tithe, go to church, read and pray. But should be what you want to do. When you fight with sin. All you do is think of sin. Instead pursue the presence of God. Get more of Him and you will be satisfied with Him and not sin. We were made for fellowship and relationship with God. The angels were made for service. Adam had to chose between God and Eve. God wanted from the beginning to have a relationship with you. God designed you for Him. Real love doesn’t need anyone. You may lust or want someone. Love doesn’t think of itself. Christianity is not a religion it is a relationship. The righteous live by faith. God gets excited about faith. Now that Jesus had already died. I’m not going to waste it. Not one drop of blood or suffering. Not going to be secret service Christian. Goin to tell everyone. Not waste one minute. He is so wonderful and so real. Let Him love you and bless you.

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